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vlyhada beach by wortundbild

Vlyhada Beach in Santorini

Vlyhada beach is probably one of the most unique beaches of Santorini. The white rocks of pumice, reminding of lunar soil, are the most characteristic elements of this stunning beach. Visitors will tell you that Vlyhada beach looks as if it was sculptured by an artist, since the geological upheavals have created bizarre and absorbing […]

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Best beaches in Santorini

Beaches in Santorini are an ideal case for those who wish to unwind and relax, enjoying lovely moments in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, Santorini. Photo of Perivolos beach by Wolfgang Staudt Santorini beaches are infamous for their beauty and their uniqueness, due to the particular morphology and the ground of […]

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Exploring South Santorini with a Hire Car

South Santorini is the focal point of tourists and locals, due to the numerous beautiful beaches and villages, and the archaeological interest if bears. If you want to explore South Santorini with a hire car, take a map and start taking notes: Santorini photo by Klearchos Kapoutsis Fira, the capital of Santorini The tour starts […]

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Discover North Santorini with a Hire Car

If you are getting ready to go on vacation in Santorini, you should prepare yourselves to explore and discover its beauties and wander in its villages and beaches, as well as the sights that make it so special. North Santorini is an ideal place to start your tour with a hire car, as it includes […]

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Santorini – A Trip to Elegance and Luxury

A trip to Santorini is a trip to the elegance and luxury. Santorini is an island that combines everything a man can dream: wonderful beaches, a lovely architecture, views to the sea to die for, white washed houses and caves, suspended hotels hanging on cliffs, a volcano whose destructive influence has formed the magnificent landscape […]

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