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santorini white

Santorini White

Santorini White; astonishing and impressive. A classic theme for pictures on the island. The most common label that sticks with Santorini is “a classic blue and white”. Even a superficial glimpse at a photo or a video clip from the island will justify Santorini’s unique label. Whether you have never been there or not,  you […]

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santorini images and colors at night by marcelgermain

Santorini colors and images at night

Santorini Colors and images at night…Santorini is the island that gives birth to the senses, allowing you to breath and feel, to absorb gorgeous images and lovely scenes all over. Walking down the little harbor of Santorini gives you the chance to take a look towards the island, with a different aspect this time, an […]

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beauty of Santorini by dimitrisotiropoulos

Santorini – Beauty and Aesthetics

Beauty and Aesthetics. In Santorini you realize the importance of aesthetics in our life. The striking white and blue, the curves of the buildings, the unique architectural techniques, the minimal decorative interventions, can only caress your senses and calm you down. The formation of concept and the configuration of the external spaces introduces the visitor […]

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Bougainvilleas in Santorini

Santorini is famous for its amazingly dazzling white and the vivid, watery blue of the windows and doors. However, the symbolic and iconic plant of Santorini is coloured reddish and light purplish. It is bougainvillea, a plant originating from South America that lives and flourishes in the Cyclades Islands and other places in Greece. Bougainvilleas […]

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blue domed church by marcelgermain

The Blue Domed Churches of Santorini

The blue domed churches of Santorini are an iconic image of the island; Santorini is pretty well known for its little churches and chapels with the painted arches and blue domes. The combination of the lively blue and striking white is amazingly stunning in Santorini. Blue dome church by marcelgermain There are more than 250 […]

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Santorini Caldera

Caldera View in Santorini

Few words can describe the caldera view in Santorini; breathtaking, dramatic, undescriptive. Santorini Caldera, photo by Josh Trefethen Walking down the cobblestone paths of Oia and Imerovigli you can see several hundreds of people standing, looking at the caldera, staring at the void. The sound of silence is predominant; nothing can describe the view to […]

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Santorini photos slideshow

“Travel is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living – Miriam Beard. No better words can describe the mesmerizing island of Santorini. Santorini is one of the most sought out destinations in the world, due to its imposing beauty ! This Santorini photos’ slideshow, a small section of Santorini […]

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Splendid Santorini

When you look for a mixture of absolute beauty, seductive charm and natural uniqueness, look no further – just come to Santorini. The Greek island of Santorini is known as a romantic island with mesmerizing sunsets, volcanic black beaches, and a pleasant breeze that follows you wherever you go. But more than that, Santorini is […]

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Relaxing vacation in Santorini

How do you imagine your vacation time this summer? What about a relaxing vacation in Santorini, where you can spend your time gazing into the infinity of the Aegean Sea? photo credit: marcelgermain While in Santorini you feel as if you behold the world from above. You might be enraptured and overwhelmed by the panoramic […]

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Santorini blue

You can feel the uniqueness of Santorini from the very first moment you set foot at Santorini Airport or Sea Port. You cannot help it but fall in love with this Aegean island right away. You will confront the steep slopes with the white washed houses and the amazing blue domed buildings and churches. photo […]

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