Bougainvilleas in Santorini

Santorini is famous for its amazingly dazzling white and the vivid, watery blue of the windows and doors. However, the symbolic and iconic plant of Santorini is coloured reddish and light purplish. It is bougainvillea, a plant originating from South America that lives and flourishes in the Cyclades Islands and other places in Greece. Bougainvilleas in Santorini are gorgeous.

bougainvilleas in santorini houses
Photo by surrealplaces

The contrasting colors between the various varieties of bougainvillea and the white washed houses or blue domed churches of Santorini is stunning; the effect of this climber on the volcanic landscape of Santorini, with the endless blue as a background and main theme is absolutely breathtaking.

Bougainvillea adds color to the narrow streets of the island, enhances the atmosphere in restaurants and caf├ęs, ornaments houses and walls. This gorgeous and playful south American plant exists in Santorini in abundance; going for a leisurely walk in the streets of the island, you can find your favorite corner and take a picture or simply sit somewhere and enjoy the view. The harmonious blend of the colorful rosebuds and the white houses and streets feels simply right.

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