Relaxing vacation in Santorini

How do you imagine your vacation time this summer? What about a relaxing vacation in Santorini, where you can spend your time gazing into the infinity of the Aegean Sea?

Relaxing in Santorini
photo credit: marcelgermain

While in Santorini you feel as if you behold the world from above. You might be enraptured and overwhelmed by the panoramic view from the Caldera. You will be completely justified if you decide that the only thing you want to do is to lie voluptuously on a deck chair, feeling pampered by the cooling breeze while enjoying the beauty of the island. You can rest and unwind, staying at the lovely hotels in Fira and Oia, in one of the cave guestrooms of exquisite beauty.

From the very first moment you land at Santorini Airport you will feel that the island will not compel you or bind you to any rhythm. Probably because the island exists in its own junction of time and space poising between disaster and sublimity. In Santorini, you are free to decide how you will spend your time… strolling leisurely in the slip streets of Fira, enjoying the whitewashed houses of Oia or tasting the traditional local products.

At dusk, the island invites you to a unique show. Numerous visitors and locals flock to the Caldera to soak the purplish light in, the moment when the sun dives into the fire red waters of the Aegean Sea. The Aegean is a sea of senses and history; as it is Santorini that invites you to rest and enjoy its wild beauty.

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