Location of Santorini Airport – Buses and Taxi

Santorini International Airport (ΙΑΤΑ code JTR) is a small airport, just as Santorini itself is a small island. However Santorini Airport is the largest in the south Aegean and also serves as a fighter base.

There are direct flights to Santorini from Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraklion, Crete. Flying time from Athens is 45 minutes, from Thessaloniki 90 minutes and from Heraklion just 30 minutes. From Santorini you can also fly to other islands in the Cyclades. In the summer 200,000 tourists arrive on Santorini by international charter flights.

Santorini Airport was built in 1972, in the traditional Cycladic style of architecture. Since then, of course, the ever-increasing demands of the island’s popularity as a tourist destination, with 360,000 passengers in 2007, have led to the modernisation of the small airport. Santorini Airport can now accommodate 6 planes at once, while it is still being upgraded.

Due to its size, the airport has no Duty-Free or other shops. In the terminal building, however, you will find a mini cafeteria for a quick coffee and a snack. If you’re not pressed for time, there are another two cafeterias opposite the airport. There are ATM cashpoints inside the airport area if you need money.

Car rental is an excellent choice for those who want to avoid delays and inconveniences, as all visitors can collect their cars right outside the airport at the moment of their arrival.

Location of Santorini Airport

Santorini Airport is located in the central-east part of the island, just 6 km from Fira, the capital of Santorini. It is about 17 km from both the northernmost end of Santorini, the picturesque village of Oia, and the southernmost end, the Akrotiri area.

Taxi & Public Buses

Near the entrance to the airport, there is a bus station with regular buses to Fira, as well as a taxi rank. Of course, in the high season you may have to wait a while before a taxi arrives, but you can always call a radio taxi (22860 22555).