Santorini Sunset in Fira

Santorini Sunset : romance cannot get lost in the equation, even on Santorini, the busiest Greek island. The serene way of life, the dramatic scenery with the white washed houses and the turquoise domed churches in Santorini produce a rather passionate effect in first time visitors.

Santorini Sunset by marcelgermain

The beautiful village and capital of Santorini, Fira, is situated in a prime and privileged location, witnessing some of the most impressive, imposing and stunning sunsets on the planet. Located on top of the volcanic precipices, overlooking the crater, Fira is a perfect location to enjoy the calming and entrancing effect of sunset that amazed even the most buttoned up visitors.

The atmosphere never fails to capture the imagination of the visitors, who will be talking about it for years. It comes as no surprise that tourists and locals applaud once the sun disappears in the water – couples kiss and cuddle, individuals just look and smile taking pictures and videos. Most of them make their plans to come back, while others never want to leave Santorini and its sunsets.

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