Once you fall in love with Santorini, you will love it forever…

Santorini, or Thira is a unique island, a creation of the volcano which impresses with its amazing beauty and originality.

As the boat enters the port, feelings are controversial. The visitors face the fierce mountains and the beds of volcano rocks, while the Cycladic charm of its buildings fascinates them.

The island complex of Santorini consists of Thira, Thirasia, Aspronisi, the Old and New Kameni. It is located at the south-western part of the Cyclades islands, 65 nautical miles north of Crete.

Santorini Airport is located a few miles far from the main town (Fira) and accepts numerous flights from Athens or other countries daily. It is a rather busy airport, especially in summer.

The calming power of Santorini

While in Santorini, you just need to close your eyes and feel the calming power that lies beneath the dark soil and water. Santorini is a “dangerous” island: there is this intangible and invisible threat that smoulders always due to the living volcano. Those who truly feel it, always come back.

The locals say that the destructive fate of Santorini attracts people like a magnet. This is the fate that never abandoned the island, but it is the one that gives hope to the inhabitants as well. Santorini was destroyed in the ancient years, yet the belief that life is stronger is dominant there, more than anywhere else in Greece.

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Architecture in Santorini

Santorini follows the same architectural design as most of the Cycladic Islands, but it lays unique, standing out from all the others: Santorini had to find its own strength, rediscover and reinvent life as it was, something that follows its residents and forms their unique culture. This type of architecture, with the bright white of the buildings and the sweet azure of the windows changed the appearance of the island, adding a cute note to the wildness of the landscape.

The setting with the red and black bed of rocks blends harmoniously with the sweetness and cuteness of the Cycladic architecture, enchanting the visitors from the first moment that they set foot on Santorini.

A romantic island with a famous sunset

Santorini is the island of the darkest night and the clearest skies. The declining sun is known for its games, as the rays obscure or illuminate the dark slopes, the soil and the dazzling white houses, creating a unique and fascinating optical phenomenon. Romantism overflows here, as numerous couples holding hands find their corner so as to watch the –what is called – most beautiful sunset in Europe, kissing under the purplish light of the melting sun.

Santorini sunset is famous worldwide; it’s the time of the day that all, visitors and locals, gather to the caldera to admire the fire-red sky and the last sun rays that create colourful designs on the slopes of the mountains.

Unique moments of pleasure in Santorini

Santorini has acquired international reputation and is visited by thousands of visitors every year, who flock there from every corner of the world. The visitors enjoy their holidays in an unmatchable ambience that offers them what they seek for; peregrination to the past of this island, moments of pleasure in the deserted or touristic beaches, numerous options for recreational activities and intense nightlife.

Santorini boasts some of the most beautiful hotels and accommodation outlets in Greece: the suspended hotels, hanging from the slopes, offer a unique view to Nea Kameni, the volcano and the caldera, while the arc made guestrooms, remind to the guests the original architecture of the island.

Most of the resorts and restaurants on the island boast a lovely view to the volcano of Santorini, the main attraction of the island. The spectacle is unique – the black volcano seems to float on the blue waters of the Aegean Sea, reminding everyone that destruction and beauty co-exist in Santorini, weaving its beauty and uniqueness.

A lot more than Fira and Oia

For the most active ones, Santorini is not only about Oia and Fira. The marvellous area of Akrotiri, the most important archaeological site of the island hosts the museum of Santorini with the frescos and mosaics of the notorious Civilization of Santorini.

If you decide to park your donkey, hire a car or motorbike and explore the wonderful beaches, the monasteries, the traditional settlements and the wineries of the island. All these are small pieces of the puzzle that compose the unique island of Santorini and make it the jewel of the Aegean Sea.

Santorini is a place that offers bounteously memorable moments. It is a place for lovers and couples, artists and poets.

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