New roof at the archaeological site of Akrotiri

Four Years after the collapse of the roof at the Archaeological site of Akrotiri in Santorini, the Greek Ministry of Culture decided to step in in order to find a plausible solution to this issue that keeps the site closed since 2005.

The Ministry submitted a bill to the Greek Parliament that includes changes in the existing legislation regarding archaeological sites.In September 2005 a part of the protective roof of the site collapsed killing a tourist and injuring six more people.

© Photo of Akrotiri by Razlan

The most important archaeological site in Santorini, the Minoan Site of Akrotiri closed and the excavation were halted, mostly due to bureaucratic reasons. This has been more than disastrous for the locals who suggest that this inexplicable delay has harmed their businesses, but above all the prestige of the island.

The Urban authority of Santorini has been refusing to issue a licence to build a new roof suggesting that Akrotiri is an archaeological site, therefore, no construction or building is allowed, according to the presidential decree.

The folder submitted by the Greek Ministry of Culture includes the plans for the new roof and the necessary replacements and plans in order to erect a new cover- roof for the site as soon as possible. The plans, according to the Ministry, pay extra attention to the issue of safety and security so as to avoid similar accidents and misfortunes in the future. It will feature new metallic supporting systems. The project needs almost 1,5 years to be completed, which means that the site will remain closed for the public till then.

The General Secretary of the Ministry, Theodoros Dravillas, said that the Public Works Ministry will also co-sign the ministerial decision, clearing the way for the erection of the new roof over the site of Akrotiri.

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