Splendid Santorini

When you look for a mixture of absolute beauty, seductive charm and natural uniqueness, look no further – just come to Santorini.

The Greek island of Santorini is known as a romantic island with mesmerizing sunsets, volcanic black beaches, and a pleasant breeze that follows you wherever you go. But more than that, Santorini is an experience like no other.

No words or pictures could really catch the spirit of Santorini! Between its somewhat mysterious past – marked by famous eruption of the volcano, and its present – adorned by luxury of any kind, Santorini lives on the edge that is equally addictive and relaxing.

Despite of its rich and busy daily and night life, Santorini offers some solemn calmness that is so real and so intangible at the same time. Don’t let the crowded harbor and the tiny, narrow streets filled with tourists to confuse you. Once your senses get splashed by an infinite game of the shining white from the buildings and the pearly blue of the sea, you will forget all your problems.

The full meaning of Santorini’s uniqueness you will get once you reach Caldera: although at only 260 meters above the sea level, you will feel as if you reached the top of the world. And there – the amazing view spread in front of you: houses and churches squeezed on each other like grapes are on its stem, vast vineyards, dozens of windmills, waves that endlessly caress the beaches, and of course, that ancient volcano whose depth if still pulsing…

Flying into Santorini or stepping on its soil from the boat, however you come here, is like entering another world. Living it feels the same – spending your holidays in Santorini you have the feeling you touched the dream!

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