Santorini colors and images at night

Santorini Colors and images at night…Santorini is the island that gives birth to the senses, allowing you to breath and feel, to absorb gorgeous images and lovely scenes all over. Walking down the little harbor of Santorini gives you the chance to take a look towards the island, with a different aspect this time, an aspect that proves you once more the grandeur of this island.

santorini images and colors at night by marcelgermain
Santorini images and colors at night by marcelgermain”

Once in Santorini you should definitely try to go down to the harbor at dusk, when the sun goes down and the small boats start gathering to the shore, trying to find a safe place to berth and rest for the night. A tapestry of lights casting their brightness to the dark rocks of Santorini, colorful formations on the cliffs and the houses hanging over – menace and excitement at the same time. Santorini cannot but open you to a new world of images and sensations. Only when you are open enough you can really grasp the contradiction and the different powers that compose this amazing island and its sublime beauty.

Santorini at dusk and night offers you an image and an experience you can never forget; those little lights floating amidst the dark night, floating on the water and the horizon of Santorini are memorable and will stay carved in your mind for long after you leave the island.

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