Vlyhada Beach in Santorini

Vlyhada beach is probably one of the most unique beaches of Santorini. The white rocks of pumice, reminding of lunar soil, are the most characteristic elements of this stunning beach. Visitors will tell you that Vlyhada beach looks as if it was sculptured by an artist, since the geological upheavals have created bizarre and absorbing formations of rocks and sandy cliffs.

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Sunbeds laying on the beach, umbrellas and a gorgeous café above the beach wait for tourists and travelers who flock to Vlyhada, enchanted by its fame and beauty. They say that the reflection of the sun in the beds of rock in Vlyhada beach makes tanning faster and better; some others claim that Vlyhada is the ideal place to swim naked, as the rock formation at the end of the beach offer privacy and secrecy to those who wish to free their body and mind.

Vlyhada beach is actually a picturesque village situated at the South part of Santorini and is considered a nice place to stay if you want to avoid the crowds in Fira and Oia. Vlyhada is also in close proximity to Akrotiri, where the archeological site of Santorini is. If looking for a rather isolated and impressive beach, Vlyhada beach is the obvious choice for you in Southern Santorini. !

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