Things that make life worth living in Santorini

Things that make life worth living in Santorini or elsewhere…  Have you ever thought what are they really?

In our lives, some images, some aesthetic pleasures are simply given to you, without asking for anything in return. This is the pleasure you get in Fira in this sculpted scenery, the result of natural coincidences, of hard times, of human inspiration and luck. Indeed, both Fira and Santorini needed luck throughout the times, in order to survive and strive.

Overlooking the Aegean in Santorini, by Elpida

If you want to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of Fira, you have to avoid crowded places. You need to find a small cafe somewhere in the village, overlooking the infinite blue of the Aegean. You need to wake up early in the morning, stroll down its paved streets and end up at the edge of the cliff, where you can enjoy the “cart-postal” beauty of the village, where the tranquil blue of the sky and the sea blends with the white washed houses and the colorful rocky formations of the cliff.

If you sit in one of the cafés in Santorini, gazing at the big blue, you will inevitably come across with a simple question? What is life without images? Without colors? Without music, without the small things that stir the senses?

The biggest pleasures in life can be small things…having a coffee at a breathtaking place, sharing a glass of wine, a smile, a touch, love… things that make life worth living are everywhere in Santorini. It’s up to you to discover them…

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