The Blue Domed Churches of Santorini

The blue domed churches of Santorini are an iconic image of the island; Santorini is pretty well known for its little churches and chapels with the painted arches and blue domes. The combination of the lively blue and striking white is amazingly stunning in Santorini.

blue domed church by marcelgermain

There are more than 250 churches on the island of Santorini, located in small or bigger villages. The blue domed churches situated in Oia and Fira or Firostefani are the most popular and known ones and definitely among the most photographed spots of Santorini. Wherever you turn there is a cute small or bigger church that stands amidst the white houses on the cliff.

The blue domed churches with the white crosses and sleek bell towers are the classic postcard shot. In Santorini it’s not only about the religious sentiment; in fact it’s about aesthetics and the development and preservation of a unique architectural pattern that makes the island stand out. In any case, blue is a color of significant importance for the Greeks as it reflects the color of their seas and skies, the color of their everyday life.

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