Santorini blue

You can feel the uniqueness of Santorini from the very first moment you set foot at Santorini Airport or Sea Port. You cannot help it but fall in love with this Aegean island right away. You will confront the steep slopes with the white washed houses and the amazing blue domed buildings and churches.

Blue-domed church (Santorini)
photo credit: marcelgermain

Santorini is an island that emerged from the bowel of the ocean; it’s imposing, impressive, majestic, gorgeous. The island of Santorini features a rather eerie beauty; created by a cosmogony of the volcano that rests amidst the ocean.

On the top of the cliff, the dawn blends with the wildness and otherworldly aura. The white garland of houses with the characteristic blue colour of the windows and doors. As the island baths pleasurably with the sun rays, the whitewashed dwellings carved in the rock gleam and blaze; houses, hotels and churches in Santorini feature the two most characteristic colours of Greece: the white of the waves with the blue of the sea. Santorini Blue is amazing and bright, but it’s not the only colour celebrated on this island. The sun blends its colours with the volcanic soil creating a unique optical phenomenon.

As soon as your look goes forth into the infinite blue of the sea that merges with the bright blue of the Greek sky and the distinctive colours of houses, you know you are at the breathtaking island of Santorini.

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