Santorini – Beauty and Aesthetics

Beauty and Aesthetics. In Santorini you realize the importance of aesthetics in our life. The striking white and blue, the curves of the buildings, the unique architectural techniques, the minimal decorative interventions, can only caress your senses and calm you down. The formation of concept and the configuration of the external spaces introduces the visitor to a unique carved environment.

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The vivid blue of the much photographed island of Santorini seems to disgorge to the sea and can only provoke respect and awe to the visitors; it is not accidental that tourists and locals maintain a rather low profile when standing at the cliff of Santorini, gazing into the infinity of the Aegean.

The primordial forms of the canavas of Santorini, the cave houses carved in the cliff, the ashes of the volcanic eruptions, the power of the black rock, the texture of plaster, all the volcanic materials used to build Santorini as it is today, make you feel rooted in the great land of Santorini.

Once you visit it, you feel trapped in its beauty and charms forever. It is the island that makes an imprint on your soul that stays with you as long as you breathe on earth; overdramatic? Maybe. But how else can you describe the intensity of the feelings stirring when facing the beauty of Santorini?

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