Santorini Cable Car

Santorini’s Cable Car is one of the two most common ways to go up the road once you arrive at the port of Santorini. The other is the famous Santorini donkeys. The road up to the town of Fira is quite steep and serpentine and is usually avoided by tourists, who come to the island for vacation along with their kids or pieces of luggage.

cable carSantorini’s Cable Car by saxonfenken

Taking the cable car of Santorini can save you both time and energy that you will need to wander around the beautiful villages of the island. You can enjoy the stunning view to the volcano and take some gorgeous pictures while going up or down the cliff.

Santorini’s Cable cars travel the path up in three minutes approximately and take the tourists and visitors of the island to the beautiful town of Fira, the capital of Santorini, lying on the top of the cliff at the altitude of 220m.

The cable car in Santorini was practically donated by the Nomikos Foundation; Evangelos Nomikos mediated the transportation issue of both locals and visitors on the island and offered this hi-tech work, giving the expenses for the purchase and installation of the cable car. It was installed in 1979.

Santorini’s Cable car caters to more than 1,200 persons per hour. The money gathered from the ticket fee is given to the Communities of Santorini in order to facilitate their development works.

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