Santorini Donkeys

Santorini donkeys and mules are indispensable part of the local charm and folk tradition; they have been serving the locals patiently and with impressive fidelity throughout the years, carting tourists up and down the numerous steps of the island, from the harbor to the top of the cliff.

Santorini donkeys’ station

Donkeys and mules are one of the most famous means of transportation in the island, also carrying bags and luggage, allowing the tourists to enjoy hassle free vacation from the very first moment they step on the island.

Santorini Donkeys For Transportation

Donkeys are extremely familiar with steep steps on the island, and since their tendency to walk at the edge is known among locals, there are always cute and funny moments with tourists who ride the donkeys up the cliff but feel somewhat intimidated by their speed and weird way to take the bends. Despite the happenings though, donkeys are by far the most popular means of transport towards Fira.

Santorini donkeys are so fun and so harmonious with the setting that even the installment of cable cars from the port didn’t affect their popularity; donkey stations exist mostly at the port, or in the capital of the island Fira, while most of the donkey owners accept reservations for special occasions or simple transportations.

Donkeys are used in weddings, in order to carry the bride to the altar, or as a sightseeing “vehicle” on the island. It’s a graphic and cute way to see some of the beaches around Fira and Oia or simply experience the old world charm.

Everyone on the island accepts that a big part of the Caldera and its settlements wouldn’t exist the way we know it today without the donkeys, as the main transportation task of construction materials was done by them.

Health Bills for Donkeys

Today though, since there are numerous animal institutions and committees for the protection and preservation of mules, there is a huge effort to preserve this species; authorities will provide proper documentation and health bills for the working donkeys and mules ensuring that they are healthy and sturdy enough to keep carrying people and luggage on their back, adding to the endless charm of Santorini.

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